Sarcastic Voyage is a unique, interconnected world of comedy sketches, serials and radio plays. The show is co-hosted by Ron “AAlgar” Watt and Matt Rowbotham. New episodes post on a triweekly basis.

Many, though not all, of our characters inhabit a shared universe. Specific knowledge of this universe is absolutely not required to enjoy the show, but we feel that it adds an extra layer of entertainment if you happen to spot the connections.

Please note that the archives on this site only go back to about mid-2012. This was the point at which SV transitioned from the typical “two guys talking” show into the format it’s in now. If you dig a little, you can find and download the first 140 or so episodes of the show, but be advised that it’ll be a very different show than the one we’re currently producing.

Safe journeys!

188 – End of an Era

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Duncan pitches a new idea, suffragettes and the thrilling season finale of Radio Adventures!

187 – This Man, This Landlord

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A visit from our landlord, McBurgerdey’s gets a new mascot and the stupidest sketch we’ve ever written (so far)!

186 – Class of 2015

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An important employee meeting, a visit to the Hall of Presidents and a whole lot of Aaron!

Sarcastic Voyage Theatre presents Kill the Front Page

KILL THE FRONT PAGE cover art by Gregory Dickens. Click to see full-sized.

KILL THE FRONT PAGE cover art by Gregory Dickens. Click to see full-sized.

Hard-talking reporter Mary Madison is back, pursuing the perpetrators of a sinister hypnosis plot.

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Written, directed and produced by Amanda Smith and Ron “AAlgar” Watt


Duncan Boszko as Herbert and Agent Nelson

Mark Boszko as O’Shaughnessy

Terry Drosdak as King’s Secretary

Dave Fields as Harold King

Danielle K.L. Grégoire as Ruth Russell

Amanda Smith as Mary Madison

Sabrina Snyder as Spradley

Jason Wallace as Ambassador Kutch

Ron “AAlgar” Watt as Governor Chapman

185 – I CAN Pick that Up!

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Jughead logic, Puberty Cop goes undercover and a guest sketch from Clayton Weller!

184 – I Can’t Pick that Up

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An insightful interview with Frank & Sandra, Matt’s neuroses on TV and a sketch from Seattle-based troupe Princess!

183 – Curse of the Composite Fish-Mummy

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A Halloween-themed extravaganza! With a guest appearance by Seattle sketch troupe Now with Dames!

RADIO ADVENTURES S02E05 – The Sinister Plot of Dr. Molengo



A thrill-packed, extended-length episode of RADIO ADVENTURES! Our heroes discover a devious plan in which the very fate of Earth hangs in the balance!

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182 – A Cinder’s Tinder

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The triumphant return of Food Guy, SVN of the 50s cuts costs and a sketch by special guest writer/performer Zak Nelson!

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