Sarcastic Voyage is a unique, interconnected world of comedy sketches, serials and radio plays. The show is co-hosted by Ron “AAlgar” Watt and Matt Rowbotham. New episodes post on a triweekly basis.

Many, though not all, of our characters inhabit a shared universe. Specific knowledge of this universe is absolutely not required to enjoy the show, but we feel that it adds an extra layer of entertainment if you happen to spot the connections.

Please note that the archives on this site only go back to about mid-2012. This was the point at which SV transitioned from the typical “two guys talking” show into the format it’s in now. We have made those first 140 or so episodes of the show available to download, if you really want them. But if you choose to download these episodes, please be advised that it was a very different show than the one we’re currently producing.

Safe journeys!

194 – Bovine Mandate

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A new Presidential candidate kicks off his campaign, Nick opens his new amusement park and Silver Age Lois Lane gets what’s coming to her!

193 – Unexplained

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We finally did it — an entire episode of Aaron Faucet!

192 – The Secret of Mustache Charlie’s Gold

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AAl reluctantly debuts a new voice, The Bloodpocalypse is nigh and a guest sketch from Day Job!

Sarcastic Voyage Theatre presents Citizen Crotch

CITIZEN CROTCH cover art by Gregory Dickens. Click to see full-sized.

Harold Webster King is dead, and only Mary Madison can uncover his secret crime-fighting past.


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Directed and produced by Amanda Smith and Ron “AAlgar” Watt. Written by Amanda Smith and Ron “AAlgar” Watt with Matt Rowbotham


Duncan Boszko as Lloyd

Mark Boszko as Chester McIntyre

Danielle K.L. Grégoire as young Mrs. Montgomery

Nathan LaJeunesse as Champs McGovern

Brian Lynch as The Colonel

Caitlin Obom as old Mrs. Montgomery and Dorothy Rosseau

Josef Ravenson as Harold Webster King

Matt Rowbotham as Eric Flint, the voice of Prominent Crotch Boy Junior

Amanda Smith as Mary Madison

Sabrina Snyder as Polly Margot

Jason Wallace as the ghost of Harry Houdini and the voice of Police Chief Jones

Ron “AAlgar” Watt as the thug and Rick Threefold

191 – Mountaineers?

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Nick meets his father, a history of the duet and Puberty Cop meets Sheriff Goose!

190 – Very Good, Sir

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The return of the Underwater Realtor, a guest sketch by Drop the Root Beer and Run and the continuing adventures of Nick and Willikins!

The Adventures of Nick and Willikins: A Recap

Nick & Willikins Downton title card

In episode 190 of the Sarcastic Voyage podcast, we will be picking up with part 4 of an ongoing Adventures of Nick and Willikins serial. Part 3 was featured in episode 176, over a year ago.

We concede that this is a horrible way to tell a story. On the other hand, just call this “part 2″ of this series of The Adventures of Nick and Willikins and we’re suddenly in the same illustrious company as Venture Bros or Mad Men.

Anyway, if you’re new to the Sarcastic Voyage podcast, or if you somehow don’t keep a Grail Diary of every bit we’ve ever done (shame on you), here’s a quick recap.

Nick, an English prat of indeterminate age, was making crayon drawings in his flat one day when a workman arrived with a large crate. The crate contained a butler named Willikins, whom the included documentation indicated was now Nick’s property. The documentation also stated that Nick was the last surviving heir of a wealthy English family, and it urged him to return to his ancestral home. He promptly did this and, upon learning that the estate contained a vast assortment of exotic wildlife, ordered Willikins to cook them into a soup. He then almost immediately lost interest in this pursuit and ordered the soup “bunged down the loo.” This tells you pretty much everything you need to know about Nick and his relationship with Willikins.

In subsequent adventures, the duo met a wily criminal named Erroll, encountered Willikins’ own father (”The Colonel”), and broke through the Sarcastic Voyage podcast’s own fourth wall.

In 2012, they died. Sort of.

In 2013, Nick became concerned about his lack of a male heir. He embarked on a quest to class up the estate, transform himself into a proper gentleman (with the assistance of his Good Great Aunt Petunia) and court a lady. This resulted in the entire hall being transported to the Victorian Era. After considerable effort, Willikins was able to return them to their proper time.

That brings us more-or-less up to date. Here’s what’s happened in the first three parts of the current series, The Omce and Future Nick:

Part 1 – After threatening to do so for four years, Nick and Willikins finally visit “The Colonies” — and Nick spends his entire stay in an England-themed park called Englandland.

Part 2 – On the plane ride home, Nick declares his intent to open a branch of Englandland… in England. This, he reasons, would entail learning what it truly is to be English. Willikins suggests that these things are typically a matter for one’s parents, leading Nick to realize that he has parents.

Part 3 – Having crashed their plane on a deserted island, Willikins struggles with basic survival and the loss of his own arm.

Will our heroes escape this most dire of fates? Does Nick actually have a family? And seriously — who waits 14 months to continue a story? What is this, Planetary? Find out in the next exciting episode of The Adventures of Nick and Willikins!

189 – Live at ECCC 2015

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A live recording of our overwhelmingly successful panel/live comedy show at the Emerald City Comicon.

Best of SV volume 4

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We’re busy getting our live show together for the Emerald City Comicon, but please enjoy this hand-picked compilation of our best material from the past year!

188 – End of an Era

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Duncan pitches a new idea, suffragettes and the thrilling season finale of Radio Adventures!