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Live anniversary show!

The first episode of Sarcastic Voyage dropped on August 7, 2009. To celebrate our first five years (which, if you think about it, is an eternity in Internet terms), we’re putting on a live sketch comedy performance!

This is not like the shows we’ve put on at Emerald City — this is an actual venue that we didn’t have to pay for. (In fact, if enough people show up, we even get a cut of the door!) Thanks to the generous people at Seattle’s Pocket Theater (specifically the amazing Clayton Weller), we have an opportunity to showcase an hour of our best material in the heart of Seattle’s sketch comedy community.

The show is on Saturday, August 2 at 10pm. The venue is the Pocket Theater, 8312 Greenwood Ave N in Seattle. Tickets are $10 online or $14 at the door. You can buy tickets here.

Come for a night of sketch comedy performed in the style of old-time radio. See our cast of talented voice performers (Duncan Boszko, Mark Boszko, Danielle Grégoire, Nathan LaJeunesse and Jason Wallace, as well as SV cohosts Ron “AAlgar” Watt and Matt Rowbotham) give dynamic script readings of some of the best sketch comedy we’ve produced in the past half-decade.

We hope to see you there. Safe journeys!


Sarcastic Voyage is a monthly sketch comedy podcast, co-hosted by Ron “AAlgar” Watt and Matt Rowbotham. We like to think that our comedy is accessible to most English-speaking adults, though we do tend to skew a bit toward the nerd end of the spectrum, if we’re being entirely honest about it. While we do have a few running jokes and recurring characters, you should be able to enjoy any given episode of SV, so check out the most recent offering for a sample!

Please note that the archives on this site only go back to about mid-2012. This was the point at which SV transitioned from the typical “two guys talking” show into the format it’s in now. If you dig a little, you can find and download the first 140 or so episodes of the show, but be advised that it’ll be a very different show than the one we’re currently producing.

Safe journeys!


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