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End of the Voyage

It is with a heavy heart, a stiff upper lip and [adjective, body part] that we are announcing the end of the Sarcastic Voyage podcast with episode 200 this December.

For over six years, Sarcastic Voyage has gone from the recorded Skype calls of two nerds and their friends to a fully scripted sketch comedy show featuring professional-level voice talent. It’s tremendous fun to put this show together, but it’s also a tremendous amount of work. Pretty much all of the great sketch troupes that inspire us, from Monty Python to Kids in the Hall to Key and Peele, reached a point at which they felt they’d done everything they could do within that format, and that it was time to move forward with other endeavors. While we are not, by any stretch of the imagination, in the same league as any of these giants of comedy, we do often take our cues from them. And we feel that we have reached that point at which the talent to which we have access might be put to better use in a different context.

This is to say that there will indeed be a next thing. (And probably a thing after that, and a thing after that.) An announcement to this effect will be forthcoming. And we hope you will be as excited as we are by what we have cooking.

We do still have some great material lined up for these last few episodes of Sarcastic Voyage. Episode 197 will be posting on Friday, October 23, followed by 198 on November 6, 199 on November 27 and 200 on December 18. The next project will follow shortly thereafter, premiering in early January 2016.

Our thanks to everyone for their continued support of this endeavor and others from this team. We’re immensely proud of what we’ve accomplished over the years, and we very much feel that we’re taking this thing out on a high note.


Sarcastic Voyage is a unique, interconnected world of comedy sketches, serials and radio plays. The show is co-hosted by Ron “AAlgar” Watt and Matt Rowbotham. New episodes post on a triweekly basis.

Many, though not all, of our characters inhabit a shared universe. Specific knowledge of this universe is absolutely not required to enjoy the show, but we feel that it adds an extra layer of entertainment if you happen to spot the connections.

Please note that the archives on this site only go back to about mid-2012. This was the point at which SV transitioned from the typical “two guys talking” show into the format it’s in now. We have made those first 140 or so episodes of the show available to download, if you really want them. But if you choose to download these episodes, please be advised that it was a very different show than the one we’re currently producing.

Safe journeys!