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Music from the Sarcastic Voyage podcast volume 1

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No new show this week because (ironically) we’re working on getting things back on a more regular and frequent schedule. But please enjoy this: it’s a collection of music from the past 5 years of SV. Here’s a track list:

1 Precipitation (SV theme, 2009-2010) Les Claypool & Holy Mackerel
2 Annie and Comic Sans Scott Ziolko
3 Comic Sans Motherfucker Scott Ziolko
4 Carol Brown (Flight of the Conchords cover) Ashwin Pande with Ron “AAlgar” Watt & Matt Rowbotham
5 Manamana (Piero Umiliani cover) Ron “AAlgar” Watt & Matt Rowbotham
6 Golizza, Apparently Nick & Willikins (Ron “AAlgar” Watt & Matt Rowbotham)
7 Golizza Violence Mars (Jeremy Kaufmann)
8 Sine Language (SV theme, 2010-2012) Crystal Method featuring LMFAO
9 Simply Having a Werewolf Christmastime (Paul McCartney cover) Nick & Willikins (Ron “AAlgar” Watt & Matt Rowbotham)
10 The Men of the Sarcastic Voyage Jessie Schutz
11 Walkin’ wit tha Lord Ray P (Josef Ravenson)
12 Mustache Charlie jingle Linda Swinton Charlie McGee Topolski (Sabrina Snyder)
13 Weeping of the Sweet Lass Oldsmobile Liam Amethyst (Amanda Smith)
14 Requiem for Rowbotham Richard Spruill
15 Heisenberg Blue Crystal Factory jingle The Sarcastic Voyage Unpaid Voice Acting Players (Sabrina Snyder & Amanda Smith)
16 Winchester Tires jingle The Sarcastic Voyage Unpaid Voice Acting Players (Sabrina Snyder)
17 Watchmen! Alan Moore (Josef Ravenson)
18 I Am a Feminism Tamsin Goatsbody (Nathan LaJeunesse)
19 My Heart is a Vagina Tamsin Goatsbody (Nathan LaJeunesse)
20 Rods and Cones (SV theme, 2013 – present) Blue Man Group
21 Go Back Upstairs and Study (For Your GCSEs) Jimmy Badseed (Josef Ravenson)
22 Matchstick Girl The Match Girl (Nathan LaJeunesse)
23 Singing Cowboy’s Directions The Singing Cowboy (Jason Wallace)
24 Rap Medley Orson Welles (Josef Ravenson)
25 Fluffy Dog Dog Food jingle The Sarcastic Voyage Unpaid Voice Acting Players (Josef Ravenson)
26 Just a Friend (Biz Markie cover, live at Hula Hula karaoke bar) Ron “AAlgar” Watt & Matt Rowbotham

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Click to see full-sized. By the ever-impressive Vishal Bharadwaj.

Ancillary episode 1

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SV enters yet another new era, and AAl & Matt discuss that. Also: a brief summary of ECCC, Nick & Willikins live and a touching duet.

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