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186 – Class of 2015

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An important employee meeting, a visit to the Hall of Presidents and a whole lot of Aaron!

185 – I CAN Pick that Up!

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Jughead logic, Puberty Cop goes undercover and a guest sketch from Clayton Weller!

184 – I Can’t Pick that Up

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An insightful interview with Frank & Sandra, Matt’s neuroses on TV and a sketch from Seattle-based troupe Princess!

183 – Curse of the Composite Fish-Mummy

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A Halloween-themed extravaganza! With a guest appearance by Seattle sketch troupe Now with Dames!

RADIO ADVENTURES S02E05 – The Sinister Plot of Dr. Molengo



A thrill-packed, extended-length episode of RADIO ADVENTURES! Our heroes discover a devious plan in which the very fate of Earth hangs in the balance!

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182 – A Cinder’s Tinder

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The triumphant return of Food Guy, SVN of the 50s cuts costs and a sketch by special guest writer/performer Zak Nelson!

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181 – A Friend in Need

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Inside the Rat Pack, ice cream sadness and the Underwater Realtor.

180 – Live at the Pocket Theater

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Our fifth anniversary extravaganza, recorded live at the Pocket Theater in Seattle.

179 – All Hit 98

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Matt loves Blossom, Dottie and Gary go on an adventure and an extended look at SVFM’s lineup.

178 – Hot Rockets!

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Building a ballroom, a historic friendship and the triumphant return of Radio Adventures!